Mission: Possible

To be the premiere biosecurity & eco-restoration service on Waiheke Island, while helping build our local economy.

What We Do

We eliminate a wide range of pest plant species, especially those red-flagged by NZ Biosecurity, from public lands and private properties. We specialize in controlling high impact species like moth plant and climbing asparagus as well as pest trees such as rhamnus. Basically, we open space for our native biodiversity to flourish and support human health. We hold a Biosecurity Warrant and are a preferred service provider with the Auckland Council. 

How We Do It

We meet with you and listen carefully to your aspirations. We produce a detailed Cost Estimate, at no charge. On your acceptance, our team of skilled and motivated crew will rock up and get straight to work. Our service includes all aspects of project management, including photos, videos and weekly reports. We stay in touch after the project is completed to your satisfaction, so we can continue to provide advice, counsel and field support for your project as it unfolds. 

Why We Do It

We believe that when you free a tree from the suffocating embrace of an invasive species, you open it to air, water, and sunlight. You help it welcome our irreplaceable native birds, and everything else that flies, nests, burrows, and swims within it’s sustaining influence, including you and me. And that’s why we love what we do. We’re making a hand on heart investment in our collective future.

“To successfully control and eliminate pest plant invaders, every field worker needs to harness the power of a Jungle Box. Want to know more? We can train you to create your own Jungle Boxes.”

We’re Local

We don’t just work on Waiheke Island, we live here. Especially since Covid-19 restrictions, this gives you the local advantage. You get onsite project management and crew oversight without the travel costs and delays. This saves you money and peace of mind as we move forward. And in our spare time, we’re active in a local community we love. We’re in touch with people who matter and with causes that make a positive difference to our social and natural ecologies.

We Walk Our Talk

We love spending time amongst trees! That’s why we offer a few exclusive “walking workshops” a year to our customers. We designed each one to empower you in a different way. Perhaps you want to learn how to free the trees in your own backyard. Or maybe, you want to rejuvenate your mind and body with nature connection activities drawn from Japan and supported by science. And if you yearn to answer your inner call of the wild, join us for a truly fun and unique survival skills adventure (this one’s a must for any conservation crew working in remote locations.)

About Us

Free The Tree Ltd. is a registered NZ Limited Company. NZBN 9429047992948

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